We Only Use Pure Cane Sugar

Corn syrup need not apply

Each of our over 70 flavors is made in-house with simple syrup that we cook ourselves.  Of course our sugar free flavors are an exception, being made with an artificial sweetener.  After the syrup cools we add the flavor. Next, it's poured over some snow and is ready for your enjoyment.

Simple syrup: sugar, water, and love.

Simple syrup: sugar, water, and love.

Casey's Famous Chocolate and Creams

We're well known for our chocolate and cream syrups, which are traditional New Orleans flavors.  People sometimes ask what's in 'em, but they're just too good to share.  

If you've never tried one, these are customer favorites:

  • Strawberry Cheesecake
  • Dreamsicle
  • Orchid Cream Vanilla
  • Grandma's Nectar Cream
  • Boston Cream Pie




aking Chocolate:  As the chocolate syrup begins to boil, we say that it looks a lot like bubbling lava. Delicious bubbling lava.

aking Chocolate: As the chocolate syrup begins to boil, we say that it looks a lot like bubbling lava. Delicious bubbling lava.

Who is Casey?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions. Casey's New Orleans Snowballs was founded in Austin by Suzy Casey Gallagher and Kit Thompson in 1996. Suzy Casey Gallagher is a member of the family that founded Casey's Snowballs in Metairie, LA in the 1960s, and is still going strong today. In 1999 wife and husband Pattye Henderson and Cliff Chapman, frequent customers at Casey's in Austin, noticed that Suzy and Kit needed some help. Cliff ended up in the kitchen washing bottles and making syrups—none of the secret ones though. Before long he was serving, and thinking about setting up his own shop—Raspas.


In the early part of 2000 Pattye and Cliff, and their son Mars, loaded up in a pickup truck for a trip east to buy a red trailer that was custom built for snowballs. The family drove to Alabama to buy the red 6-foot by 10-foot trailer. The graphics on the back read, "Raspas," a tilt of the hat to both Pattye's and Cliff's childhoods in south Texas and the Hispanic culture in Austin. On the way back they stopped in New Orleans to buy supplies from Southern Snow, a long-established and well-reputed supplier. Finally back home in Austin they began the search for a place to park the "stand," as they called it. In the end they settled for a patch of grass owned by a rental store on Anderson Lane at Mullen Drive. Despite nearby apartments and plenty of traffic those early days were slimmer than Pattye and Cliff care to remember, but doggedness is a family trait and they carried on. After the first year a taco trailer renting a corner parking spot moved on, and they pulled up in their place. Business improved, and things were better for the family.

After running Raspas for seven year, Suzy and Kit contacted Pattye and Cliff about selling Casey's. As anyone who has stood in the line at Casey's knows, business is a boom most days, and Suzy and Kit could have sold the business with ease to anyone interested. As corny as it may sound, a snowball can be something special. Suzy and Kit didn't want to see the business they had grown flounder without the guidance of someone who knew how to make a proper snowball and the experience that should accompany it. In turning to Pattye and Cliff, who had made their own successes at Raspas, Suzy and Kit knew that not only would the business continue, but the product would continue to be high quality. After starting at Casey's in the kitchen in 1999, Cliff now had the keys to the place that led him to start Raspas. He sold Raspas and the trailer to a promising young employee, and he and Pattye began running Casey's in 2008.

In 2010 Pattye and Cliff bought Casey's outright, and continue to love the business. After graduating from the University of Oklahoma in 2012, their son Mars joined the family trade. As Pattye and Cliff begin thinking about retirement, Mars and long-term employee Kyle Littlepage began overseeing the daily operations at Casey's. For everyone in the family Casey's is more than a snowball stand. Pattye and Cliff both say that, "a snowball can be the difference between a person having a good day and a great day, or a person having a bad day and a good day." Mars is continually shocked by the big smiles people get when handed a snowball. It's a simple and sweet treat that is as much fun to make as it is to eat.


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