Catering & Fundraising request

Have a gathering? Fundraising? We can cater anything and make the party cooler and sweeter. We offer several services: revenue share at our storefront, pre-made snowballs for delivery or pick up, or our big blue food truck at your next event. Book us below!

Revenue share

Are you part of a group of at least 35 people? Want to bring all your peeps and have a snowball at Casey's while supporting a cause near to your heart? We partner with GroupRaise to help manage our revenue sharing events. Use the button below to reserve a date to fundraise with us.

Pre-made snowballs waiting to be eaten by students at St. Edward's University. NOTE: we now use a lidded container that is not pictured here.

Pre-made snowballs waiting to be eaten by students at St. Edward's University. NOTE: we now use a lidded container that is not pictured here.

Pre-made Snowballs

These are just like what you buy at our store. We make snowballs in a 10 oz. lidded container, pour the syrup, and freeze it the day before the event. These snowballs can be picked up or delivered. They'll be pack in an ice chest with ice packs. Before serving, let the snowballs thaw for 3-5 minutes, and voila! The perfect Casey's Snowball is served. These are the same snowy, melt-in-your-mouth, fully-flavored products you expect from us, and we are happy to offer this to a broader community.

We stand behind the quality of these snowballs just like the ones we make at our store. Since 2014 we have served over 10,000 pre-made snowballs, and not once have we heard a complaint.

We can accommodate events up to 200 servings with pre-made snowballs. This option is best for events needing rapid service. For larger events, ask about our food truck.

Have a Foodee account? Here's your link.

Have a Foodee account? Here's your link.


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Food Truck

In 2017 we bought a food truck so we can bring Casey's to you. Let us color your atmosphere, flavor your event, and cool off your guests at your wedding, corporate campus, university event, office or birthday party, or any other shindig. For an extra fun day, you can make your own snowball using our flavor station. No extra charge here. Just extra fun.

We can accommodate up to 1,000 servings per hour. Yeah, that's a party.


We believe in making fundraising simple. Casey's New Orleans Snowballs retains the first $500.00 in net sales and splits net sales after that with 80% going to your organization. Your organization tells us where to park, and we'll mail you a check within 7 business days. It's that simple.

For tax-exempt organizations registered in Texas we are happy to work fundraising events with an expected attendance greater than 120. Our revenue split works best for events over 120 guests and is more generous than many competitors.


The minimum  for our food truck is $449.99 for 50 servings,  1 hour of service, and 1 server.

That price includes:

  • Snowballs
  • Labor
  • Mileage up to 15 miles one way from our store at 808 E. 51st Street

Each additional serving is $5.00. In addition to sales tax, we also charge a 5% booking fee. We offer custom pricing for groups larger than 100.

If there are leftovers, we can tell you how best to freeze them for snacks later on. We can accommodate any size of event with our truck. We occasionally run catering specials, so please ask if one is active when you contact us.

For pick up of pre-made snowballs, there is no minimum. The price is $3.95 per 10oz serving with a $25 refundable deposit for Casey's ice chests and cold packs. We can deliver pre-made snowballs for a $35 per-trip fee.

Background photo credit: Jennifer Joseph